Quality Furniture & Timber Doors & Windows

Prices That Can Not Be Matched Anywhere Else

Create the home you’ve always dreamed of with high quality furniture available to you at Australia’s lowest prices.
We sell doors and windows, and other quality furniture products in such great volumes, that we can lower our prices to wholesale prices for you to take advantage of.We can sell and ship all over Australia.

Absolutely No Compromise on Quality on Doors and Windows

We pride ourselves on not only offering you furniture at Australia’s lowest prices, but also on providing you with products of impeccable quality that will leave you feeling satisfied for decades.

All our products are beautifully crafted with materials of the highest quality that are built to last. For many pieces of furniture you won’t need to buy a replacement for the rest of your life.

The vast majority of our products are easy for you to install, allowing you to spend your time on other things. Many products come pre-manufactured and arrive stained, painted and hung in their frames. Installation is straight forward, and you you don’t need to hire someone to install your new furniture, saving you even more cash.

Many Different Quality Furniture Products Available

There is a wide range of quality furniture products available for you, all at wholesale prices.

  • Cedar doors and windows – made of fine red cedar of the highest quality.
  • Bifold doors and windows – allow fresh breezes to flow through your home.
  • Sliding doors – let natural light into your home and create the illusion of space.

If you’d like to make a free enquiry about any of our high quality furniture products and how to create your dream home, contact us now or take a visit to our showroom.

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Furniture Down Under exists to bring Australians quality furniture pieces at the best wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking for solid everyday furniture or a key statement piece, explore our range of cabinets, dining sets, lounges, beds and outdoor furniture to find something you’ll love and treasure for years to come. Our pieces are made by craftsmen who build furniture to last – furniture that can be passed on to the next generation. This level of quality is something you can take for granted with us, however our prices will always pleasantly surprise you.

In addition to our range of classic furniture, we also offer solid cedar doors and windows. Beautiful solid timber doors and windows complete the designer look for any home. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, we can offer custom made doors in Sydney at the great wholesale prices we are so well known for.

Standard doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors are available in our range and the value for money is impressive. Our custom doors in Sydney as well as our windows come stained, painted and hung in their frames, which is very rare and will save you considerable time and effort during installation. Our windows and doors also include all hardware and locks as well as fly screens where applicable.

Explore our range online, visit our showroom and don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any questions about our products. We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you to create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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