French Windows

French windows at Australia’s lowest prices

French windows create a traditional old world feel to your home and make a perfect compliment to your French doors, also available in our catalogue. French windows come with a nice open design to let in a stream of natural sunlight into your home and give the illusion of space.

What’s more, you can purchase French Windows from us at Australia’s lowest prices. And this doesn’t come at a compromise to quality. The reason we can offer such low prices is that we sell our products in such great volumes we’re able to sell them at wholesale prices.

Our French windows also come in customized-designs, tailored to suit your tastes and the decor or your home.

French windows of high quality

Despite low prices, we work hard to make sure all our products are of finest quality and that you are left with full satisfaction of your purchase.  Enjoy these benefits with our French windows:

  • Constructed out of fine red cedar with impeccable craftsmanship.
  • Built to last for many decades – you most probably won’t be needing to replace your windows again in your life time.
  • French windows arrive to you already stained, painted and finished so installation is a simple task. No headaches, and no need to call someone in and pay them extra money.
  • All required hardware and locks are included.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about French windows or explore alternatives, please call us now or visit our showroom.

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