Timber Windows

High quality timber windows for your home, at Australia’s lowest prices

Timber is a natural material that is not only renewable, but is known for it’s durability. Timber windows make a nice addition to any home and create a warm and cozy environment.

Fully customized designs are available to give that unique style you want for your home.

At Furniture Downunder we are able to offer you timber windows at Australia’s lowest prices. We are able to do this not by compromising on quality, but by selling our products in such high volumes that we can lower our prices to wholesale levels.

Timber windows of the highest quality

When you purchase products from us, we make sure that quality is of the utmost standards and that you are satisfied with your purchase:

  • All timber windows are manufactured from red cedar of high quality and of fine craftsmanship.
  • You will get decades of use out of your timber windows – the only parts you’ll need to replace in your life time is the glass (and that’s only if someone is silly enough to break it).
  • Installation is extremely simple – windows come pre-manufactured and are already stained, painted and finished. Just pop it in yourself and save hundreds of dollars in installation fees and headaches.
  • All necessary accessories are included like pre-fitted locks, fly screens etc. No need to hassle yourself in buying these parts separately.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about timber windows or explore alternatives, please call us now or visit our showroom.

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